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Heading to Boracay but want to skip the crowd? Check out this stunning beach near Caticlan.

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Tourism is back, Boracay is open! Everything is lifted from Covid test to QR code requirement- you just need a confirmed hotel booking for your stay. It is now cheaper to visit this paradise because airfare prices to Caticlan Airport (MPH) are much lower than its pre-pandemic rate. Well, that's one of the good things the pandemic has made.

This surge of tourists day by day helps the tourism industry of the island, but at the same time, it creates a crowd that overwhelms the real beauty of the beach. So if you are in the area and want the same Boracay quality but with no crowd, Hinugtan White Beach is perfect for you!


No filter photo. The shot was taken in the afternoon using Note10.


Hinugtan White Beach is in Buruanga, Aklan, the town next to Malay. It offers a serene escape from the crowds of Boracay because of its secluded beach. There are few resorts here, and the rate starts Php 1500; walk-ins are welcome, but you can book ahead online or on the resort's Facebook page. You can also bring a tent and spend a night here.

Access to the beach can be a challenge. From Caticlan, it takes a 20min drive on a concrete road. After that, tourists will walk on a steep unpaved road and then pass through private property for about 5min. Don't worry. You just need to follow the trail, and this beautiful paradise will welcome you!

The sand is fine white, but it registers brown in the camera in the afternoon. Along the shore, the sand seems pink-ish, probably because of the presence of red corals in the sea. The shoreline stretch is about a kilometre, so you can have rounds of walking in the morning, inhaling its beautiful view.

There is no signal in the area, which, I think, is a good thing. How could one enjoy a paradise if their eyes are fixed on the phone screen? So be prepared to disconnect and recharge yourself with moments and tan lines.

How do I get from Caticlan Airport or Jetty Port to Hinugtan Beach?

1. Walk towards the main street. Negotiate with habal-habal drivers to take you there. If you are staying for a few nights, confirm your pick-up schedule because there is no signal in the beach area.

Haggling Price: Php 250-300 for one way

Travel time: 20 mins

2. You will stop by a tourism kiosk to write your name and pay an environmental fee.

Environmental Fee: Php 50

3. Your habal-habal will continue driving until you reach a parking area. The driver will drop you there and pick you up after your stay. The concrete road also ends here. Prepare to walk on the unpaved road.

4. Follow the trail, and you will pass by private property. There are signs to direct you toward the beach. Once you see the white sand, you have arrived!

Walk: 5 mins

On your way back to Caticlan, return to the drop point and wait for your habal-habal driver. If the driver doesn't show up, there are few habal-habal drivers in the area, or ask your hotel to arrange a transfer for you.

I recommend bringing just a backpack so the motorcycle drive won't be challenging. Tricycle is another option (if you are coming from Caticlan), but ask first if they can bring you until the parking lot.

If you are bringing a car with you, there is a paid parking lot right after the tourism office.

How do I get from Boracay Island to Hinugtan Beach?

Ask your hotel if they offer transfer to Hinugtan White Beach. Some tour agencies offer a day trip that includes lunch in the package.

If you can't find a tour agency, your best way is to travel back to Jetty Port and follow the entry "How do I get from Caticlan Airport or Jetty Port to Hinugtan Beach?"

How do I get from Manila to Hinugtan Beach?

1. Book your flight from Manila International Airport (code: MNL) to Caticlan Airport/ Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (code: MPH) via Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, or Air Asia.

2. Upon arrival, make your way to the main road, then follow "How do I get from Caticlan Airport to Hinugtan Beach" blog entry.

If you are arriving at Kalibo International Airport (code: KLO), the easiest way to Hinugtan Beach is to travel to Caticlan first. There are buses and vans at KLO that services route going to Caticlan. It takes 2hrs and costs Php 250 (van) and Php 150 (bus).

Best time to visit?

Summer season (March-May), but any time of the year is perfect as long as it's a sunny day.

But you need to visit this soon. Why?

Locals mentioned that big investors who own the private property and a portion of the beachfront would build a commercial park. Though it is not yet happening, just visit this soon to get dibs on its natural beauty.

I enjoyed my stay here by laying my beach towel and basking under the sun. I brought my speakers and played my beach playlist while drinking beer and celebrating life.

Just a reminder when you visit this beach, please be responsible for your trash. We have to do our share in preserving nature while enjoying its offerings. Less Plastic, More Scenic!



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