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Your quick getaways guide

Port Barton, Palawan, Philippines

Balicasag Island, Bohol, Philippines

Welcome to my blog!

Greetings, travelers and explorers alike! Welcome to my blog. My goal is to inspire tourists, share some budget traveling tips, promote respect towards the local culture, and help preserve the beauty of each destination.

This travel blog was created to fulfill a requirement in one of my subjects in my Masters. I eventually decided to continue and publish it for a greater purpose.

I was born and raised in a beautiful tropical country - the Philippines. I discovered my passion for traveling after college. From then on, exploring new places, understanding the local culture, enjoying local dishes, and experiencing diversity continue to flame my excitement.

As a travel enthusiast, budget and timing have always been a challenge. Traveling can exhaust much of the finances, and spare time is limited for corporate employees like me. So, I squeeze them in every chance I get...thank God for long weekends!

Research can be quite daunting since it consumes time and effort. I've read several travel blogs presented in flowery and sometimes diary-like narratives, but lack helpful information. 


This blog revolves around two concepts - quick getaway and on-point content. All details are based on my personal experience with enough information gathered from locals during these travels.

This is not a one-stop-shop travel guide, but getting all the info from here will give the reader a head-start on their travel plans. Almost all pictures are mine and mainly no filter is used - so what you see is what you get! I consider a lack of Photoshop skills an advantage :)

I am a strong advocate of 'responsible traveling'. Trash can destroy the environment, affecting the beautiful scenery we come across during our travels. Let us preserve the beauty of nature so more people and future generations can explore and appreciate the places we have visited. Hence, "Less Plastic, More Scenic"

Blog audience

A perfect fit for budget travellers, solo, couple, and small groups. The breakdown of the expenses is intended for solo travelers. However, couples and small groups can use it as an initial reference when planning a budget.

As mentioned, being a corporate slave, I take advantage of the long weekends for traveling, thus, making my suggested itinerary good for quick getaways.


Each travel destination will have the following contents:

-How to get there

-Places to Visit

-Activity/Place Description

-Suggested Itinerary

-Off beaten Tracks


-Travel Tips

For Philippine destinations, most of the places are beaches.

For Asian destinations, cultural exposure, scenery, and food.

For beyond, touristy track.


I don't use enhancing camera filters on most of the pictures posted here, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). I'm a fan of first shot beauties and encourage point and shoot method...candid shots capture the beauty and authentic story of a scene or location.


To be fair, the cameras I used are:

*Samsung Galaxy S4

*Samsung Galaxy S8

*Samsung Note 10

*Canon Powershot SX500 IS

*Samsung S21

*Iphone 13


The content on this website is valid from the time they were added. Changes or any updates on information may not reflect. I welcome helpful updates from readers to maintain the preciseness of the content.

I appreciate any suggestion you can provide. :)

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