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East or West: Which Puerto Princesa beaches to visit?

If you traveled to Puerto Princesa, you have most likely availed one of their tour packages going around the city and to nearby towns. Then you wondered, 'are there any other beaches in the city?'

Yes, there are! Locals would proudly say, 'we have east and west-side beaches.' East beaches face the Sulu Sea, while westside beaches face the West Philippine Sea. Yup, Puerto Princesa is that wide.

Staying within town proper, east beaches are just a tricycle ride away, while west beaches require renting a motorbike or hiring a habal-habal.


Puerto Princesa East Side Beach

White Beach/ Pristine Beach

Location: Brgy. Bancao-bancao

In the '90s, this beach was as pristine as its name, but it was not maintained through the years. During the pandemic, there were efforts to clean the beach, and with months of no visitors, the beach is becoming okay.

White Beach is the most swimmable compared to other east-side beaches. The table below sums up what we are generally looking for a beach scenery:



Beach Color

Blue green


2 of 5

Sunrise or sunset

None. Beachfront is facing south

Entrance Fee

Php 50

Food Stalls

there is one sari-sari store

Island Hopping




Best time to visit

Morning. Less crowd

There is a secluded beach on the right side -after the other resort. The water there is cleaner, and the shore is wider.

How to get to White/Pristine Beach

From town proper, hire a tricycle going to this beach. Fare is around Php100

Sandbar at Puerto Princesa

An off the beaten track

Location: Brgy. Bancao-bancao

Sandbar near Puerto Princesa Airport runway

There is a little surprise at the east-side beach. Go to Cockatoo Pool and Bar at Brgy. Bancao-Bancao. You may want to chill at their pool first while waiting for the low tide. Yes, if it's low tide, you will see a trail at their beachfront. Cool, isn't it?

I just discovered this after I followed some locals walking towards the sea. The distance is about 120m.; no kayak, just walk. Twenty meters of muddy sand from the beachfront, you'll notice the trail because there is no seagrass along the path. Fret not because you will be rewarded with a broad white sandbar. Water is scenic blue and indeed for the gram. Bring your phone so you can take shots -I didn't bring mine because I didn't expect the sandbar; I just followed the locals out of curiosity.

There are starfish around the sand bar area, and the aviation signal lights of the airport are visible from afar. Chill and enjoy the view, but not so long because you have to be back at the resort before the high tide.

This is definitely for thrill-seekers!

When I left Puerto, I booked a left window seat to get an aerial glimpse of this sandbar. I was grinning when I identified it and was able to get a shot from above. The trail is pretty visible too!

How to get to the Sandbar

From town proper, hire a tricycle going to Cockatoo Pool. Fare is around Php100. The entrance fee of the resort is Php90. You may leave your bag at the front desk if you are just visiting the sandbar.


Puerto Princesa West Side Beach

Nagtabon Beach

Location: Brgy. Bacungan

West side has Nagtabon and Talaudyong beach, but both have the same feels- freedom!

Since this is 32kms away from the city proper and no public transport is going directly here, there are fewer tourists. With the long stretch of coastline, brown sand, and unexploited beachfront, you will easily add this to your favorite beaches. The water is clean, swimmable but be careful of the rip curls. Ask the locals for safety. You can also catch waves for beginner surfers during the north swell.

There is no entrance fee for this open beach, but cottages are available for rent. There are rooms for overnight visitors. The small convenience store here also cooks some meals, so don't worry if you only bring yourself and money for the beer.


Brown to white

Beach color

Blue-green to blue


5 of 5

Sunrise or sunset


Entrance Fee

Open beach

Food Stalls


Island Hopping



Free Diving

Best time to visit

Anytime of the day

How to get to Nagtabon Beach

From the city proper, hire a motorcycle or a tour package to get you there. Take the road going north until you reach Brgy. Bacungan. You'll be guided by the sign going to Nagtabon Beach.

After getting your tan, visit the viewing deck before heading home and be mesmerized by this view:

To get here from the beachfront, travel back to the same road, then turn left on the first intersection. From there, the viewing deck is just 100m on the left. The entrance fee is Php10 for this stunning view.


Baywalk Puerto Princesa

Location: Town Proper

Before you leave Puerto Princesa for your next trip, visit Baywalk for sunset watching. Here are some of my captures during my Puerto stay.

The Baywalk is an open space perfect for exercising, family bonding, and friends get together. You can rent a bicycle for kids and teenagers. There are also restaurants and food stalls that are open till night.

I hope you get to see the beauty of this city!

Please comment below if you have queries. I'll try to answer them to kick start your Puerto travel.


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