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Bantayan Island

What's in this Blog

How to Get to Bantayan Island from:

  • Cebu City

  • Manila

Back to Cebu City from Bantayan Island

Hagnaya Port schedule

Places To Visit

Brief Description About:

  • Roaming Around

  • Island Hopping

  • Santa Fe Town

  • Bantayan Island

  • Virgin Island

  • Santa Fe Beach

  • Sugar Beach

  • Anika Beach

  • Camp Sawi

  • Paradise Beach Campsite

  • The Ruins

  • Ogtong Cave

  • Bantayan Church

  • Places to Eat

Suggested Itinerary for 4D/3N in Bantayan Island


  • How much Budget?

  • Where to stay?

  • When is the best time to visit?

  • High Speed internet?

  • ATMs?

  • Party places?

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Where is Bantayan Island?

Bantayan is an island in northern Cebu Province. It takes almost five hours of land travel from Cebu City and another 45min ferry ride to the island.


This humble town offers fine white sand beaches, pool caves, Hispanic-era churches, and chill motorbike road trips. The known beach area here is Santa Fe, where most tourists stay. Spend at least three days on this island and enjoy a slow-paced life.

How to get to Bantayan Island from Cebu City


  1. From the city or airport (CEB), take a taxi to North Bus Terminal.

  2. Look for buses going to Santa Fe/ Bantayan. There are also shuttle vans; they are faster but not comfortable. You may also take buses to Hagnaya Port, but I recommend buses directly to Bantayan to make transfers easier.

  3. Five-hour travel to Hagnaya Port with one stopover for food and toilet. The fare is Php245.

  4. You will reach Hagnaya Port. Pay Php300 and Php30 for ship transfer and wait for the next trip. Make sure you hop on the same ship with your bus.

  5. Travel time is 50mins; then you will arrive at Santa Fe Port.

  6. Pay for an environmental fee of ~Php75

  7. Ride the same bus and depart at Santa Fe town or near your hotel

How to get to Bantayan Island from Manila

Via Cebu International Airport (CEB)

  1. Book a flight from Manila to Cebu (CEB) via Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, or Air Asia. flight frequency is almost hourly.

  2. You will arrive at Mactan Island.

  3. Take a taxi going to the city and follow the blog entry "How to get to Bantayan Island from Cebu City".

Back to Cebu City from Bantayan Island


  1. From your hotel, take a tricycle to Santa Fe port or wait for a bus to Cebu City.

  2. Pay for port transfer Php300 and terminal fee Php10

  3. Board your assigned ship, and you will reach Hagnaya Port after 50mins.

  4. Look for buses going to the city or opt for a van for faster travel time.

  5. Endure the five-hour drive to the city with one-stop for food and a toilet. Pay fare of Php245 

  6. You will arrive at North Bus Terminal. Take a taxi to the airport if you need to catch your flight.

Hagnaya Port transfer schedule to Santa Fe Port and vice versa

Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe Port

  • 4am

  • 7am

  • 8am

  • 10.30am

  • 12.30am

  • 2.30pm

  • 4.30pm

Santa Fe Port to Hagnaya Port

  • 6am

  • 8.30am

  • 10.30am

  • 12.30am

  • 2.30pm

  • 4.30pm

  • 6pm

There are two shipping lines servicing this route that makes the trip schedule almost hourly.

Places to Visit in Bantayan
1. Sta. Fe Beach | 2. Virgin Island | 3. Sugar Beach | 4. Camp Sawi | 5. Ruins | 6. Paradise Beach Campsite | 7. Ogtong Cave | 8. Bantayan Church

Bookmark this page and return when you are at Bantayan Island. Follow the directions to reach these recommended destinations. The map below is interactive, and 4G on the island is reliable.

Mangrove Eco-Park

Bantayan itinerary for 4D/3N
More days, more fun!
Skip the city and stay here during long weekends.

Sample itinerary for Bantayan

Bantayan Beach

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much budget for 4D3N in Bantayan, Cebu?

Hotel - 3000php (3 nights)

Island Hopping- 1200php 

Entrance Fees- 300Php

Motorbike- 350php (1day)

Is there a high speed internet in Bantayan, Cebu?

LTE is available.

Where to stay in Bantayan, Cebu?

I tried:

Anika Beach Resort - beachfront / pricey / recommended

Kota Beach Resort - beachfront /decent price/ recommended

Anahaw Seaside Inn - not beachfront / cheap / recommended

Are there ATMs in Bantayan, Cebu?

Yes. There are ATMs at Bantayan town proper and very few at Sta. Fe town.

When is the best time to visit Bantayan, Cebu?

Summer will always be the best -late March to May- but a sunny day at any time of the year is just perfect.

Are there party places in Bantayan, Cebu?

I haven't seen one, but there are resto-bars in Sta. Fe town proper.

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